Success stories from parents and children about enuresis

Success stories from parents and children about enuresis

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You are not the only one to be faced with your child's enuresis problem. Discover below the success stories of parents and their children who are in the same situation as you or who have faced this problem in the past.

Success story - Martine, 42. "Louise refuses to go on school trips..."

My daughter Louise refuses to go on school trips. She is worried that people will find out that she wets the bed and make fun of her. I spoke to her teacher about it and she told Louise that there was nothing to worry about because she was not the only child in this situation. She explained to Louise that there are special pants for children of her age, and even offered my daughter to keep the packet in her bedroom during the school trip - in this way Louise could put on her DryNites® pants discreetly, without anyone noticing. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the doctor to see how we can help her to tackle the problem for good...


Success story - Lorène, 42. "Mathis hid his dirty clothes..."

My husband and me were sometime quite hard on Mathis, who hid his pyjamas and sheets after he wet the bed. We used to tell him off - we thought he was doing it on purpose. When he turned 8 years old, we spoke to a doctor about it who told us that above all we should not tell him off, it wasn't his fault; this happened to lots of children, especially boys. He gave Mathis some advice: such as drinking more regularly through the day and not just before bedtime, taking responsibility for dealing with his dirty clothes rather than hiding them and, above all, not to worry - because bedwetting always ends at some point. We feel bad for not having understood just how unhappy the bedwetting was making our son. Since we spoke about it, Mathis has changed, he is more sure of himself. What reassured him above all was knowing that other children had the same problem as him and that there were special pants designed exactly for them. Now he can stay at his friend's house without his friend knowing about his little problem...


Success story - Joëlle, 45. "We hadn't had any sleep for months!"

I'm sure you would think I was crazy if I told you that I often woke up three times a night to steer Flore towards the bathroom. But if I didn't get her up, she would wet her bed and call me to change her. She would often go to the toilet several times during the night, and indeed during the day as well. I never woke her up properly, you know, it was enough to put her on the toilet and she would have a wee. Sometimes she didn't remember anything the next morning, but I was becoming increasingly tired and stressed. It wasn't until I stumbled on a leaflet in a waiting room that I discovered that this was entirely the wrong approach. After talking to the doctor about it, he advised me to see a specialist because Flore, who was going to be 7, was not just a bed wetter, as she also had accidents during the day. He explained to me that she almost certainly had an 'overactive bladder'. Whilst we were waiting for the referral, I followed the tips given in the brochure and I bought Flore the DryNites® Pyjama Pants for the night. She took to them really well...and so did I! I learnt that we needed to tackle her daytime incontinence as a priority and that her bedwetting should never disturb her sleep… or mine!".


Success story - Malik, 9. "My big brother used to call me 'the puddle' "

I'm Malik and I'm 9. I used to wet the bed all the time and that upset me because my bed was always wet the next morning and I had to wash again. Even worse, my Mum had to change all the bedclothes because of me. My big brother always used to make fun of me and call me 'the puddle". I went to see a doctor at the hospital who told me that it didn't matter if I wet the bed. He showed me lots of things about bedwetting - even a computer game which was really cool! The doctor told my Mum not to tell me off because children don't mean to wet the bed. He told me that I have to drink lots at school and go to the toilet lots as well. He showed me the pants that stop you getting wet and my Mum bought some. They're like nappies for big kids but even better because they look just like pants. My brother didn't see a thing. I don't wear them anymore because I've stopped wetting the bed.


Success story - Claire, 36. "My mother used to comfort me as she had been through the same problem..."

I remember when I was young and I used to wet the bed, my mother would come and comfort me because she had had the same problem as me when she was a child. They were great times: she helped me to change my sheets and my pyjamas, then we would watch TV together and have a cuddle. They were magic moments which really helped me to face the problem. Today I have a very close relationship with my mother and I wonder if it is partly due to those times!


Success story - Sandra, 27. "It helped me to grow up..."

Looking back on it, I realise that bedwetting helped me to grow up. For fear of waking my parents, or simply to avoid annoying them, I learnt to get through it.

In my bedwetting days, I would get up in the morning, strip the bed, put clean sheets on, make a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up and pop the pyjamas on the radiator to dry! I don't think many 6 year olds could do all that!


Success story - Romain, 18. "Sibling solidarity..."

My big sister went on scout camp every year. I really wanted to go as well so, one year, my parents sent me with her. I was so happy and I had planned everything to be as discreet as possible with my pyjama pants.

Everything went fine until the day when my sister told everyone about my bedwetting. The children made fun of me for the whole trip, with my sister egging them on…

This upset me very much. If I could give one piece of advice to big brothers and sisters today, it would be this: 'Be allies, not enemies'.