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Choose DryNites® on a daily basis


Here is what DryNites® suggests to break the infernal pattern of anguish and discomfort that your child suffers by waking up in a wet bed every morning. Getting your child used to wearing underwear which will protect them from wetness, and the feeling of humiliation which often accompanies it, will only increase their self-confidence. Once they have regained their confidence, your child will feel much more independent and managing bedwetting will become much easier.

A few simple ways to include DryNites® in your child's life

Keep them somewhere accessible for your child, perhaps in their cupboard, with their other underwear and pyjamas.

Put a dustbin with a lid in their bedroom so that they can throw away their used pants in the morning.

Encourage them to wear the DryNites® Pyjama Pants when they stay the night at a friend's house. Show them that they are invisible under clothes and explain to them how to put them on and take them off, on their own, in the privacy of the bathroom. You can also leave them somewhere easy to find in their bag so that they can put them on during the night. Don't forget to give them a little plastic bag to slip their used pants into the next morning.

If your child is not keen on wearing absorbent nighttime underwear, here are some tips to encourage them to try DryNites®:

Explain to them that DryNites® Pyjama Pants can also be used as real pants - just as comfortable and much safer!

Explain that these are not nappies like those for babies, but underwear designed for big children (you can show them the product packaging).

Tell them that when they wear DryNites® they will wake up clean and dry, without the worry and discomfort of any wetness.